Revitalization of local communities originating from agricultural, forestry and fishery resources



Solution Provider aiming for enriching rural areas from the point on view of management and finance.

During the high growth period, companies built so many factories in rural areas and created the enough jobs, but now they moved many factories overseas so as to secure competitiveness in global market.
As a result of that, the number of places to work in rural areas is decreasing.

In addition, agriculture, forestry and fishery villages have severe problems that needs immediate attention due to a stagnation of agriculture and forestry, fishery products, progress of aging of society with fewer children, depopulation, and increasing of abandoned cultivated lands.
In response to such situation, Japanese Government enacted a law in regards of the Promotion of the Integration among the primary sector, the secondary sector, and tertiary sector and the local production for local consumption.

 And wide variety of activities were incubated across Japan.

Due to such approaches, Japanese Export Value of agricultural, forestry and marine products will reach 1 trillion yen in 2019 from about 450billion yen in 2012.

And we expect the further growth of export value in consideration of the increase of global population and middle-income family.

ONE RESOURCE keeps on supporting farming, mountain, and fishing villages that will attract young generations to want to work there through the promotion of integration among primary, secondary, and tertiary sector and the expansion of export from the management and finance side to achieve sustainable growth.

Founder and President
 Tomoaki Yoneda



  1. We regard corporate value as how we can make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy through corporate activities.

  2. Create a vibrant world with all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, communities and the environment,

  3. We keep on striving to be the company that can practice the things as much as possible that should be done by a responsible company.

“RESPONSIBLE” and “INSPIRING” are the above indicated as MOTTO.

ONE RESOURCE keeps on create shared value through our business that can solves social challenges and improves economic value at the same time.

ONE RESOUECE understands what kind of social challenges exist and what kind of meaning the solution of social challenges have.

We will work with our stakeholders as needed to resolve these challenges through dialogue with Customers, Our People, Investors, Partners, 

Society and Environment.

1 Planning and execution of business to solve social challenges

2 Integration of Strengthening the competitiveness of the value chain and social contribution

3 Integration of business foundation buildup and regional contribution in activity areas



EstablishmentOct 1st  2018
MemberFounder and President    TOMOAKI YONEDA  / Advisor    KIYOSHI YOSHIZAKI

Consulting, planning, and implementation of revitalization of local communities

Main Bank

The Osaka City Shinkin Bank

Head Office1-9-12 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan #556-0016



Founder and President


YONEDA launched a wide range of businesses such as real estate fund business, renewable energy business, and overseas real estate consulting.

YONEDA was appointed by institutional investors in the US and government funds in the Middle East, and domestic institutional investors to investment and manage domestic real estate worth over JPY 200 billion on a total investment value.

YONEDA engaged in the securitization of renewable energy business from the industry‘s infancy and implemented a wide range of operations from fund raising to process control of power plant development.



YOSHIZAKI joined the Fisheries Agency in 1965. He represented Japanese Government over bilateral fishery negotiations with Russia, China, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

He always have led the Japanese fisheries industry and settled inter-area disputes. He also made a lot of contribution to culture promotion such as the compilation about history of fisheries agency, the establishment of public holiday ”Marine day”, and the selection of top 100 beaches in Japan and so on.

He organized international Seafood exhibition ”Japan International Seafood Show” in 1999 and has built up into a representative seafood exhibition that more than 800 companies and associations attend in Japan.

Former executive director of Japan Fisheries Association
Former executive director of Japan Fisheries Information Service Center
Former executive director of Honsyu Salmon and Trout Resources Enhancement Association
Current Councilor for Japan Maritime Public Relations Center
Current Representative director of regional development Association
Current Auditor of Association for the preservation of Japanese fresh inland water and seawater
Current Auditor of Association for the stationary fishing



Integration among the primary, the secondary, and the tertiary sector
ONE RESOURCE keeps on supporting efforts to create new added value by connecting with fisheries industry group that has wide and deep knowledge about fishery business through establishing value chains.
Fund Raise
ONE RESOURCE keeps on supporting efforts to fund-raise needed for new initiatives such as the sixth industrialization. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Fund corporation for innovation , Value-chain and Expansion Japan is worth challenging for.
Overseas Expansion
ONE RESOURCE will provide comprehensive support such as verification of sales potential in overseas markets, promotion and planning / implementation of branding strategies as one of the best ways to utilize regional resources.